Did you know there s a new version of sugar ? It s name : Blueberry

There s a new sugar with new improvements and features, it s name is blueberry.

With the blueberry version of sugar you ll be able to browse the web more confortably, download activities more easily and read e-books like never before !

You can download it here

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live tweets from netbookworldsummit

here are some live tweets published during walter bender speech about sugar and sugarlabs : please RT 🙂

@arkub At the #NetbookWorldSummit. W. Bender on the Sugar Platform http://is.gd/5fLpE : “In Sugar, sharing a document is always one click away.”

@damsweb: Sugar just annouced “Blueberry”, “Sugar on stick v2”: sugar O.86, Fedora 12, add-ons… #netbookworldsummit #linux

@damsweb “Knowledge is a noun. Learning is a verb” (Walter, #Sugar). #netbookworldsummit #mandriva #linux

@SoftTalkBlog “Is a netbook nothing more than a small, cheap notebook?” – Walter Bender at Sugarlabs discusses device evolution at NetbookWorldSummit


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Next week in Paris, the NetbookSummit & LeWeb09 !

Walter Bender, executive director at SugarLabs will present a keynote on tuesday (8th december) at the Netbook World Summit . Registration for the forum is free, so don’t hesitate to go there to see walter presenting a keynote thanks to turtle art !

(9th december) I’m attending leWeb09 in Paris : 2000 participants from over 35 countries. I’ll bring my xo laptop to live tweet from there, and some usb stick to show “Sugar on a stick“.
if you are also attending and want to know more about sugar send me a tweet ! ( @coconutsurfing )

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Tomorrow I’ll be in Sophia Antipolis to present Sugar

Tomorrow I’ll take the road going from Marseille to Sophia Antipolis to present Sugar @JM2L an Open Source forum held in the South of France ( http://jm2l.linux-azur.org/ )

If you are not far from there come see sugar and have a cup of coffee !
If you are not there I’ll try to post videos on the blog & live tweets ( @sugarlabstweets ) =)

update :

Cool people, nice discussions, some people (20 ) will download sugar on a stick !

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Did you know that with Sugar sharing become as simple as in real life (even more)?

Using an office desktop software, sharing works and working on the same application is always a mess : at sometimes you have to configure the bluetooth and other time the local network, or use the web in a certain way. Each time you want to share something whether is it in real time or not, local or not, you have plan a whole strategy…`

“They (micros…) tell humans to adapt to the software, we (appl…) tell our computers and softwares to adapt to humans”

What about this one :

“human share, work, adapt with humans thanks to an intuitive platform (sugar)”

This is what sugar try to do because this is the best way to learn. The others have missed the point.

Have a look how it works:

video created by Sayamindu Dasgupta

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Did you know that Sugar was more than a simple software ?

Sugar is more than a software, it’s a learning experience !

If you haven’t got the time to read, you can click here and discover the comics explaining the sugar learning experience

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Did you know there’s more than one million children using sugar in the World ?

Yes that’s true. There’s more than one million children using Sugar in the world !

We just have to ask google, youtube, dailymotion to see it.

Here’s what I’ve found :

They use it mainly on the xo laptop (the green laptop), but now you can donwload sugar and use it on quite every computer ! Isn’t it fabulous ?

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Did you know that Sugar is improved thanks to the work of its contributors ?

Sugar is an Open Source project that is to say it evolves as volunteers contributes to make it work.

Here for example a little video of the last sugarcamp ( when the sugar community meets to work on sugar). Special thanks to the gnome developers who were here also.

“If you’ve got something to contribute, please do” 🙂


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Did you know what is Sugar ?

Sugar is an award-winning learning Platform wich promotes collaborative learning and critical thinking, the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional “office-desktop” software.

Originally developed for the One Laptop per Child XO-1 netbook, Sugar runs on most computers. Sugar is free/libre and open-source software.

Sugar is composed of hundreds of activities !

Check out this video to see what it looks like

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